Our Flavors Are Created To Delight Your Senses!

Cabin-CakesVape Snack started from the need for more choice when it comes to e-cigs and vaporizers. When Jay got his first eGo-T, he went looking for flavors at local smoke shops. No smoke shop had more than 6-8 flavors, most of which would only suit those who like the flavor of tobacco. They also contained Nicotine which may assist in quitting smoking, but is also a nasty chemical.

So we went to work on finding a reliable source of e-cig e-juice (otherwise known as e-liquid).

Vape Snack Delivers Natural Taste With Zero Nicotine

german-chocolate-cakeAs we began creating, mixing, and experimenting with flavors, we had feedback that we didn’t expect…

BOTH Non-smokers and smokers were enjoying Vape Snack flavors! Everyone raves about the immense taste that takes them by surprise the first time they use our flavors in an e-cig!

The ingredients that we use at Vape Snack are made using clean (eco-friendly when applicable), 99.7% pure VP/PG and natural/artificial flavoring. We can accommodate most requests except we CANNOT add Nicotine to our products. We do not stock or sell Nicotine to ensure that there are no health risks associated with our e-juice.

We know you will enjoy Vape Snack e-Juice, so please visit Our Store to see our list of flavors and e-cigs / vaporizers.

Vape On!

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