What is e-juice (e-liquid)?

E-juice (also known as e-liquid) is a liquid used in vaporizers (also known as e-cigs or e-cigarettes). E-juice is a fluid that is turned into breathable vapor inside of a portable vaporizer or e-cig.

Do Vape Snacks contain Diacetyl, Acetoin, or any ​unnecessary fillers or ingredients?

Our e-juices do not contain Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl (A/P), water/alcohol thinners, or preservatives. We get all of our ingredients (VG, PG, flavor) from US-only sources that do not add Diacetyl or A/P during manufacturing.

Does Vape Snack e-juice contain Nicotine?

No, Vape Snack e-juice does NOT contain any Nicotine. We prefer to keep our flavors as natural as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate special requests for Nicotine additives.

What is Vape Snack e-juice made of?

Only Three (3) Ingredients: Flavor concentrate, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). Our standard base is 75% VG to 25% PG. Both VG/PG are innate (neutral), colorless, odorless, and nearly tasteless. VG contains some “sweetness” to it from the natural extraction process.

I’m trying to quit smoking, will Vape Snacks help?

Since our e-juices do not contain Nicotine, they may not be as effective for “cold turkey” quitting as other e-juices that have Nicotine content. Many customers, however, note that our e-juices have assisted in helping to relieve the oral fixation that many develop from smoking cigarettes, making it easier to go farther between cigarette breaks.

While e-cigs, vaporizers, and e-juice (e-liquid) can assist smokers, at this time the US FDA has not approved this method as a smoking cessation device/method. We hope that regardless, you will find our flavors delicious, original, and a pleasure to vape!

How do you use e-juice (e-liquid)?

E-juice is used as a base liquid for portable vaporizers or e-cigs.

What is vaporizing or vaping?

Thanks to greatly improved vaporizing technology, vaping has become popular with both smokers and non-smokers. Vaping is in many cases used as an alternative to smoking*. With smoking no longer allowed in most bars and restaurants, vaping offers what many consider a great alternative to walking outside to have a cigarette. Vaping does not produce any smoke, only vapor. This vapor dissipates quickly and leaves only a small whiff of its scent (which still smells as DELICIOUS as it tastes!).

*Please note: At this time, portable vaporizers (e-cigs) have not been approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation device. Vape Snack e-juice does NOT contain any Nicotine and is marketed simply as flavored vapor liquid.

Does Vape Snack e-juice produce smoke?

No, Vape Snack e-juice does NOT produce smoke. The effect of e-juice may look like smoke, but rest assured, it is simply vapor.

How does Vape Snack vapor compare to flavored hookah smoke?

Vape Snack e-juice is not burned or “coaled”, and does not contain ANY tobacco or flammable materials. Hookah produces smoke, and that’s only after 10-15 minutes of setup and charcoal prepping.

E-juice produces no smoke, only vapor, and with even more taste than hookah. Most of our customers highly prefer the taste of our vapor over the taste of hookah tobacco. Plus, Vape Snack e-juice is transportable in your cartomizer or vaporizer kit. Our e-juice allows you to vape “on-demand” whenever you want to vape!

How long does the e-juice last?

Each clearomizer (cartomizer) can hold up to 1.6ml of e-juice. Our e-juices are sold in two sizes: 10ml and 20ml. Each person’s vaping style affects the length of use, but on average a 1.6ml cartomizer will last as follows:

  1. Non-Smokers: 1-3+ days depending on frequency of use
  2. Light Smokers: 1 full day
  3. Heavy Smokers: 1 half day to 1 full day

I’m not a smoker, will I still like Vape Snack?

Yes, definitely! Everyone has different favorite flavors or smells, and we try to cover as many of them as we can with our e-juices. We are sure to have something that makes your mouth water, or reminds you of a favorite dessert! Our e-juice does NOT contain Nicotine, so non-smokers can enjoy our e-juice with no side-effects.

What kinds of uses does vaporizing have?

Many uses of portable vaping (e-cigs) include:

  • Assistance with reduction in smoking
  • Temporary replacement of smoking while in public
  • Current/Former smokers who struggle with hand-to-mouth fixation
  • Sweet tooth? Use our mouth-watering flavors to hit the spot!
  • Diabetics have praised e-juice for helping to stave off sweets!
  • Some people just really love the taste!

How many e-juice flavors do you offer?

We offer over 50+ flavors of e-cig / vaporizer e-juice (e-liquid)! We are adding new flavors all the time, too! We offer flavors in many categories. Please visit our Flavor Categories to see our current flavors and categories.

Are vaporizers (e-cigs) allowed in public places?

Portable vaporizers and e-cigs are typically allowed in public where smoking may be prohibited. Please ensure that you check with the establishment (bar, restaurant, shopping, etc.) as some vendors may not allow the use of e-cigs.

Where are Vape Snack e-juices shipped from?

Vape Snack e-juice is hand-made and packaged in the southwestern United States (AZ). We ship only to the continental United States. We cannot ship outside the 50 United States except in instances of APO/FPO stateside Military addresses. We apologize that we cannot ship internationally at this time.

How do I properly maintain my vaporizer kit and e-juice?

Great question! Maintaining your vaporizer (e-cig) kit is very important! Simple cleaning will ensure that your vape kit lasts. For more information on how to use, clean, and maintain your vaporizer kits, please visit our “How It Works” page.

How much do Vape Snack e-juice flavors cost?

Vape Snack e-juice is sold in 10ml (1/3 fluid ounce) and 20ml (2/3 fluid ounce) bottles. To see pricing, please click here.

I like the flavors, but I’d also like more “throat kick” from my vapor, can that be done?

Yes! If you find that you would like more of a “throat kick” from your vapor (to emulate cigarette smoke), please include notes regarding this when you complete your checkout. We can adjust the mixture to give your batch an extra bit of “throat kick”.

What is a “tank”, “cartomizer” or a “clearomizer”?

The most important part of an e-cig or vaporizer is the “atomizer”. This is the electrical part of the vaping system that heats and vaporizes the e-juice to produce the tasty vapor. The “atomizer” is placed inside a clear (or colored) cart or tank which is called a “cartomizer” or simply “Tank”. The tank draws e-juice from its reservoir and uses that reservoir to bring a consistent supply of e-juice to the atomizer.

Stay tuned… and Vape On!

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