Auto-draw 510 Thread Battery – 280mAh – Stylus Tip

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Portable, Discreet, Auto-draw Vape Battery

Take your vape on the road with you using this effective Auto-draw 510 thread battery. This battery works with all 510 thread cartridges. With a 280mAh capacity this battery is perfect for day-to-day vaping and includes a USB charger that can be used to re-charge anywhere you normally charge your USB devices.

The battery uses an Auto-draw feature which prevents any buttons from having to be pressed in order to heat your cartridge. The battery will sense when your cartridge is installed and airflow/suction has been created by use. The red LED's on the battery will glow softly to confirm when the cartridge is being heated by the battery. Please note that due to their size, these batteries are not meant for high-volume use without time to cool down. At the other end the soft rubber stylus tip of the battery can be used as a stylus for electronic devices.

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